Produkce - DC records
Produkce - DC records


  • Mixing
  • Multitract recording - analog
  • Master recording - analog
  • Master recording - digital
  • Video recordings
  • Music production


  • Audient ASP 8024/32ch
  • Apple Mac, Cubase Pro, Antelope Orion HD 32
  • Flock audio
  • Clasp endless analog
  • Antelope Orion HD 32
  • Studer A80
  • Lucid ADA 8825
  • Sony JH-24
Produkce - DC records

In our studio you can choose from two options. Whether you choose today's modern digital recording option or opt for classic, pure analogue sound from A to Z, it will always be our great pleasure to accompany you on your journey to your musical goals. We have plenty of space even for larger musical groups.

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